Two Hats, One Heart, brought to you by Linda Lael Miller

Two Hats, One HeartFeatured in Linda Lael Miller's novel "Big Sky Summer", this piece will tug at your your heartstrings and sing a romantic tune. Two hat charms, one silver, one covered in clear crystals, dangle from a belt looped into the shape of a heart.

Special Edition: Casey's Necklace by Linda Lael Miller

  • Inspired by Linda Lael Miller's novel, Big Sky Summer, this necklace tells the perfect western love story of "two hats, one heart" with two small cowboy hat charms, one polished silver and one rhinestone crystal, dangling from a belt loop shaped into a heart.

    With gold accents on the belt buckle and each hat band detail, the silver heart is fully engraved in traditional Western bright cut style for a special depth that flashes in the light, sure to catch attention to the romantic story worn above your heart.

    Proceeds from all pieces in Linda Lael Miller's collection, including Casey's Necklace and Brylee's Bracelet, go directly to support Ms. Miller's Scholarships for Women program.


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